Some Of The Most Useless Quirk In My Hero Academia


The 'My Hero Academia universe is based on quirks. Quirks are superpowers that a person possesses from birth. A person who has quirks generally wishes to become a superhero to protect the people.

All the quirks in the anime are unique and one-of-a-kind. Some quirks are more inclined to offensive use, some are used for defensive purposes. 

However, some quirks just seem a little dysfunctional or in blunt terms, useless. Read to find out the top useless quirks in MHA. 

5) Tape Quirk Hand Sero possesses a quirk that allows him to shoot tape-like things from his elbow. This ability is not useless per se, but the tape is made from Sero's skin and it can only be used up to a certain extent.

4) Aniovice This quirk allows Koji to talk to animals. This is one of the quirks that can be effective if used in that manner, but Koji happens to be a pacifist and doesn't use the quirk in that way. 

3) Sugar Rush It increases Sato's physical abilities by a great margin when he consumes a lot of sugar. It can only be used after consuming a lot of sugar and will practically be useless if a villain attacks.

2) Pop Off Mineta can produce sticky balls from his body that can stick together. He can use these balls to trap someone. However, apart from that, it is practically useless. 

1)  Navel Laser Aoyama can shoot beams of laser from his belly button. Aoyama has used this quirk for show and hasn't used it to fight. Also, he cannot use that laser frequently as his belly starts to hurt. 

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