South Park: The 7 Most Brutal Harry And Meghan Jokes From Controversial Episode


South Park is already a controversial series but it has landed itself in hot waters after the wrong depiction of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. A few of those jokes shall be discussed next.

The characters come to a funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and while they arrive, they walk past a candle similar to the one which was a reason of social media discussions in September.

At one point in the episode, the character Kyle tells his friends that he has a jet parked in front of his house and they want him to buy their book, which is a reference to Harry’s memoir Spare.

The characters meet a brand manager in the episode who calls Meghan a sorority girl, actress, influencer and victim. Harry is described as a royal prince, millionaire and world traveler victim. Meghan’s profile is also featured.

The characters appear on Good Morning Canada and request for privacy and the host points out that Meghan is holding a sign which says not to look at them and they don’t want any privacy. They eventually walk off at one point.

The characters give up on their duties and come to South Park where one of them says that people would think they are serious about being normal. The lead characters get frustrated and Kyle accuses the prince’s wife of bossing him around.

The characters get angry when pictures of their new house are leaked to the media and while Kyle confronts the couple, one of them charges him of victiminsing her and the other steps in for defense.

A few magazine covers are featured on screen and most of them include Meghan’s interviews with Vogue and The Cut. However, the G2 interview is spotted by everyone and the magazine cover is Meghan’s annus mirabilis.

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