Steven Seagal Slams U.S. Media For Lies Over Vladimir Putin


Steven Seagal has received an Order of Friendship medal after supporting President Vladimir Putin even after the invasion of Ukraine.

Seagal charged the United States government for spending billions of dollars of disinformation and lies in the media trying to discredit, demoralize and destroy the emerging morale of Russia in an event.

Seagal stated that around half of the people in America love Russia and love Russians and know that they are being lied to.

Steven said that his father was pure Russian and was raised in a pure Russian household because his mother was immersed in the Russian culture and did not have parents.

Steven mentioned that he grew up loving Russia and loving everything of what he learned about it from a very early age. Seagal became the Russian Foreign Ministry’s special representative for Russian-American humanitarian relations.

The Order of Friendship medal was also to celebrate Steven Seagal’s contribution to development of international cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

Steven Seagal also recorded a birthday message in 2022 for Putin saying that he is one of the greatest world leaders and one of the greatest presidents in the world and that he wishes that Putin gets the love and support he needs.

Seagal also stated that for anyone to think that Putin had anything to do with fixing the elections and that the Russians also have that kind of technology and this form of propaganda is a kind of diversion.

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