Sundance 2023 Movies To Look Forward To 


'Flora and Son' directed by John Carney. To keep her son out of trouble, Flora (Eve Hewson) goes dumpster diving and finds a beat-up guitar that could be her saving grace. Joseph Gordon-Levitt also stars.

'You Hurt My Feelings' directed by Nicole Holofcener. Queen of comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Beth, a novelist who overhears her husband saying he isn't a fan of her latest book.

'Magazine Dreams' directed by Elijah Burnam. 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' breakout star Jonathan Majors will portray Killian Maddox, an amateur bodybuilder finding humanity in the explosive world of celebrity culture.

'Judy Blume Forever' directed by Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok. The documentary will examine Judy Blume's resilience, from having her books banned to being censured for writing about adolescents dealing with sexuality.

'Kim's Video' directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin. After years of providing a haven for cinephiles, Kim Videos closed its doors. Fifty-five thousand beloved and rare movies wound up in Italy, and the documentary is an odyssey undertaken to retrieve lost treasures and memorabilia of cinema.

'Infinity Pool' directed by Brandon Cronenberg. An idyllic couple comes under the spell of a mysterious woman, getting exposed to the lawlessness behind their perfect island vacation. 

'Landscape With Invisible Hand' by Corey Finley. The playwright turned filmmaker has tons of potential, and this existential comedy about alien invasions and humanity's collision might be the next greatest thing.

'Eileen' directed by William Oldroyd. Ottessa Moshfegh's book finds its way to the screen. Thomasin McKenzie is Eileen, and Anne Hathway is Rebecca Saint John, the object of her obsessions.

'Bad Behaviour' directed by Alice Englert. Jennifer Connely as Lucy is a washed-up child star finding embrace in the arms of a charismatic leader, Elon (Ben Whishaw)

'Polite Society' directed by Nida Manzoor. Everything about 'Polite Society' screams midnight movie madness. It blends social commentary but ridiculously good fight choreography against the coming-of-age background.

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