Sundance 2023: Who Are The Big Winners This Year?


In the U.S. Dramatic Competition, the Grand Jury Prize went to 'A Thousand and One' and the Audience Award to  'The Persian Version.' Sing J. Lee won the best director for 'The Accidental Getaway Driver'.

In the same category, the Special Jury Awards were given to 'Theater Camp,' 'Magazine Dreams,' and Lio Mehiel for 'Mutt.'

In the U.S. Documentary Competition, 'Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project' won the Grand Jury Prize. 'Beyond Utopia' was given the Audience Award, with Luke Lorentzen winning for directing 'A Still Small Voice.'

'The Stroll' and 'Bad Press' were given the Special Jury Award in the U.S. Documentary Competition. 'Scrapper' won the Grand Jury Prize, and 'Shayda' won the Audience Award in World Cinema Dramatic Competition.

Directing Award in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition was won by Marija Kavtaradze for 'Slow.' Special Jury Awards were distributed to  Lílis Soares for 'Mami Wata,' Rosa Marchant for 'When It Melts,' and Sofia Alaoui for 'Animalia.'

In the World Cinema Documentary Competition, the Grand Jury Prize was handed to 'The Eternal Memory' and Audience Award to '20 Days in Mariupol'.

The Special Jury Prize in this category was given to Anna Hints for directing 'Smoke, Sauna Sisterhood.' The Special Jury Award, Creative Vision went to 'Fantastic Machine,' 'Against the Tide' won the Special Jury Award, Verité.

The Shorts category saw 'When You Left Me on That Boulevard' walking away with  Grand Jury Prize, while the Short Film Jury Award went to 'U.S. Fiction: Rest Stop.'

Short Film Jury Award for International Fiction went to  'The Kidnapping of the Bride' and for Non-Fiction went to 'Will You Look at Me.' 'AliEN0089' and 'The Vacation' were also given Special Jury Prizes.

'Kokomo City' was a double winner with the NEXT Audience Award and the NEXT Innovator Award Sundance this year.

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