Super Bowl Ad Slams Tesla's Full Self-Driving Tech


Famous electric carmaker Tesla had to confront a hit at the Super Bowl on Sunday when an ad featuring alleged dangers of its Full Self-Driving technology.

The commercial was aired in various locations like Austin, Tallahassee, Albany Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Sacramento and they do not paint Tesla in the best light.

The ad is a part of a million dollar advertising campaign by The Dawn Project and the founder, Dan O’Dowd is a California tech CEO hwo has offered a lot of his wealth to the cause.

According to a Dawn Project spokesperson, the price of the deal is worth $598,000 and the news has grabbed a lot of attention on the internet.

The ad features a Tesla Model 3 which is reportedly in Full Self-Driving mode and is running over a child-sized dummy on a school crosswalk.

The model is also running over a fake baby in a stroller alongside a few tests by the Dawn Project. The car then swerves into the traffic and zooms past stopped school buses and cruises through ‘do not enter’ signs.

The ad mentions that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving is a big danger for the public and they can do that with deceptive marketing and woefully inept engineering.

For now, the Full Self-Driving mode is active in beta mode and is available to anyone in North America who wishes to purchase the feature which is worth $15,000.

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