Taylor Lautner's Wife Responds To His Caring Comment About Ex Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner’s wife Taylor Dome recently reacted to the comment he made about his former partner Taylor Swift.

A video from the podcast The Squeeze was shared through TikTok on Wednesday where Dome asked Lautner about a moment he would prefer to go back.

Lautner replied by saying that he would like to return to the Video Music Awards 2009 where he was presenting an award to Swift unaware that the “Kanye thing was not a skit.”

Kanye West then went up on stage and intervened in Swift’s acceptance speech, saying that Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time.

Dome mentioned that Lautner and Swift were dating at the time of the event and went public with their relationship.

Lautner further elaborated by saying that he presented the award to Swift and took five steps back and was standing five feet behind her while West went on stage.

Lautner continued by saying that he assumed the entire thing as a skit by realizing that there was no reason why West would go and interrupt Swift on stage.

Swift eventually turned around and Lautner realized that nothing was planned. The latter confirmed in 2016 that he was an inspiration for Swift’s single, Back to December.

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