Yellowstone Spinoff With Matthew McConaughey In Talks


Matthew McConaughey is being considered for an important role for a spinoff to Yellowstone. The series is being co-created by Taylor Sheridan.

The makers are currently busy in negotiations but no deal has been finalized. But it is confirmed that Matthew will be leading the show in the Yellowstone universe.

The news arrives after reports from Deadline that Paramount Network is reportedly planning to end Yellowstone earlier due to scheduling issues with Kevin Costner.

Other reports state that Costner demanded to work for one week on the other half of the fifth season. But it is confirmed that the show will continue even without Costner.

A statement by Paramount Network says that Costner is an important part of the show and because of Sheridan, they can now expand the franchise.

Although Costner’s filming schedule will play an important part, a few sources say that the news of his exit could be a way of negotiation.

Representatives for Costner have not commented anything so far and Paramount Network and MTV Entertainment Studios are yet to respond on the same.

The first season of Yellowstone premiered on June 20, 2018. The latest season premiered on November 13, 2022, and the second part of it will premiere this year.

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