The Office Star Jenna Fischer Addresses Her On-Screen Affair With John Krasinski


Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski played the roles of Pam and Jim in the NBC sitcom, The Office and it is a pair that was loved by the audience.

However, the pair were never romantically linked in real life but still audiences were expecting that they might get to see the duo dating each other at one point.

While audiences expected to see the pair dating each other, Jenna Fischer was married to James Gunn at the time while John Krasinski was dating Rashida Jones.

Fischer revealed in an interview that it was awkward to film intimate scenes with Krasinski and spoke about the importance of segregating the emotions of reel and real life.

She said that fictional love interest is a kind of relationship which is intimate and powerful but it is not real.

John and Jenna have been friends for a long time and Krasinski once stated that he meets Fischer for most of the time and also loves the company of her husband, Lee Kirk.

Overall, it has been confirmed that the duo never confirmed each other but they have been good friends and so, people are waiting to see them on the small screen once again.

The Office aired for nine seasons with a total of 201 episodes from March 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013. The series received positive reviews.

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