The True Story Behind Tom Brady’s '80 For Brady'


'80 For Brady' is a fun narrative about best buddies on and off the screen and is based on a true story. 

'80 for Brady' stars Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin who played four best friends. 

The four best-friends go to watch Tom Brady compete in the 2017 Super Bowl, the year the quaterback. 

Elaine St. Martin, Betty Pensavalle, and their three other friends, Anita, Pat, and Claire, comprised the real-life "Over 80 for Brady" fan group.

All the women are friends for over 70 years and are true fans of Tom Brady. 

Pensavalle's grandson Max proposed the idea for the movie and its quirky plot.

It was revealed that Brady would create 80 For Brady under his 199 Productions label after his brief retirement in 2022.

St. Martin and Pensavalle, who are 95 and 94, respectively, are the only members of the group who are still active; Claire passed away, while Pat and Anita are residents of an assisted care home.

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