Titanic To Re-release After 25 Years On Valentine's Day


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the film Titanic and Cameron wants to celebrate it with the movie hitting the screens again.

The 1997 movie was originally released on 19 December. But Cameron chose Valentine's Day for the re-release of the movie.

"The original release, which was 1997 into 1998, we came out a few days before Christmas. I think it was [December 19]. But the highest-grossing single day of the release was Valentine's Day," Cameron states the reason for the choice of date. 

Though nothing has changed in the movie, even after 25 years it still remains evergreen. But Cameron has made certain changes. These include the addition of Atmos sound.

Cameron has strategically planned the release of the tragic romance for the day of love. It surely does aim at boosting the sales of the movie.

Titanic collected $2.195 dollars within 5000 days and was once the highest grossing movie ever. Now the position belongs to the movie Avatar. 

It was 'Avengers: Endgame' that pushed 'Titanic' to the third position among the highest-grossing movies. Then Cameron had congratulated the Marvel team. 

The movie had been remastered 10 years ago. And the world will get to see Titanic again on the silver screen this year. 

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