Tom Cruise Skipped Oscars To Avoid Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman


The 95th Academy Awards grabbed the attention of the internet for witnessing the presence of several well-known faces from the entertainment industry.

The list also included Tom Cruise, who holds a record of not winning an Oscar in all these years and his film Top Gun: Maverick was in the list of nominations.

However, Cruise was absent from the event which raised a lot of questions. Now according to rumors, he did that to avoid a confrontation with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Nicole and Tom tied the knot in 1990 but the duo separated in 2001. They also became the parents of two children, Isabella and Connor, who were adopted.

A source for Daily Mail stated that Cruise avoided the event on purpose to not face Kidman and the source added that Tom was not there because Nicole was present.

But according to another source, the claims were dismissed stating that Tom Cruise’s absence had nothing to do with Nicole Kidman.

The source added that Tom Cruise could not attend the event because he had some scheduling problems and there was no personal angle to it.

Cruise is a part of the Church of Scientology and while his and Kidman’s divorce was finalized, fans speculated that it was because the latter refused to be a part of it as a scientologist.

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