Top 10 Actors Who Have Played Sherlock Holmes

Henry Cavill - Enola Holmes

Cavill presents a Sherlock Holmes who is calm and observant. He is well known in England and  is socially awkward. He along with his sister Enola Holmes investigates quite a few cases.

Robert Downey Jr - Sherlock Holmes And Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

RDJ presented more of a charismatic, talkative and stylish Sherlock Holmes. With evident ego and self-obsession, the character challenges the right adversaries.

Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock

The series presented a modern take on the old tale of the detective. It was presented well with a titular role with God complex and introversions

Jeremy Brett - Various

Brett is the right sherlock for many. Through his method acting, he sketched the detective in a fashion that it showed complete justice to the character as written.

Christopher Plummer - Murder By Decreee

THe played Holmes in a 1979 film called Murder By Decree, which reimagines the detective investigating a trail of murders by the notorious killer, Jack the Ripper.

Michael Caine - Without A Clue

Michael Caine plays a drunk, third-rate actor, who pretends to be Sherlock Holmes at the behest of Dr. Watson, the real crime-solving genius who merely created Holmes as a fictional alter ego.

Basil Rathbone - Sherlock Holmes film franchise

Basil Rathbone acted in 14 films, as well as radio plays. as the detective Sherlock Holmes. With his commanding voice and physical eccentricities, he bought the character to life.

Johnny Lee Miller - Elementary

Paired with Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, the procedural drama finds Johnny Lee's Holmes as a recovering drug addict who assists the New York Police Department with his unique set of unconventional detective skills.

Barrie Ingham - The Great Mouse Detective

Russian actor Vasily Livanov  channels Holmes perfectly with his uptight demeanor and body language. He played Holmes in the show The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Nicholas Cage - Young Sherlock Holmes 

This 1985 Steven Spielberg film followed Sherlock’s early life and his first meeting with John Watson as the two were caught up in the first of many exciting mysteries.

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