Top 10 anime characters perfect for Halloween costumes

10. Gojo Satoru Jujutsu Kaisen is becoming increasingly famous, so it seems sensible that fans would want to dress up as Satoru Gojo, who is the show's most well-known character. One simply needs a black/navy blue blazer and a pair of pants to complete the costume.

10. Luffy One Piece is one of the most well-known anime series, therefore modeling your Halloween costume after Luffy is always a good choice. The key components of Luffy's clothing are an open red jacket, blue shorts, a yellow belt/sachet, and of course, the yellow straw hat.

8. Yumeko Jabami A uniformed option comes from Kakegurui High School, which is a simple black and red blazer, black trousers/skirt and a black cross tie.

7. Himiko Toga Himiko wears a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. A yellow wig, white socks, brown shoes, and a Japanese school girl uniform should do the trick.

6. Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow form) Ichigo dons the traditional Shinigami garb, which includes a black kimono-style robe, a white undershirt layer, a long, pleated black skirt, white tabi socks, and straw sandals. He also occasionally has a strap around his waist.

5. Kamado Tanjiro Add his signature black and green checked kimono, a scar across his forehead, and the Hanufuda earrings to fully embody Tanjiro. Add a red cardboard box to your backpack to hold Halloween candy to give the impression that you are carrying your own Nezuko.

4. Amamiya Ren/Joker To be this cool guy from Persona 5, you'll need a black vest, a black long coat, black shoes and a face mask to hide your identity, as joker is all about that.

3. High-rise invasion's creepy mask You can easily get by with only the opera masks and some made-up blood. The Maid Mask, which combines an easy maid outfit with an opera mask and sickle, is arguably the best High-Rise Invasion costume.

2. Ken Kaneki If you want to become Ken Kaneki this Halloween and scare people off, wear a form-fitting inner bodysuit under a black shirt and knee-length black shorts.

1. Yagami Light/Kira One of the easiest but one of the scariest. You can be Yagami Light with a tan jacket, white button-down, matching khaki slacks, and a striking red tie. Also, you can carry a Death Note. It adds more authenticity.

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