Top 10 Anime Characters That Are Most Powerful In Their Base Form


10) Yhwach Yhwach has his ability called the Almighty. This particular ability allows him to not only see the future but also grants him the power to change any future he does not deem desirable. 

9) Zeno Zeno is the strongest creature and is the god of all the universes in the multiverse. He can destroy all creatures with just a snap of his fingers and even the gods of destruction and the angels are terrified of him. 

8) Meruem He is the strongest infant anime has ever countered. He was just born when he realized that he was the king. He managed to take on Netero, who is the chairman of the hunter association. 

7) Whis It has been implied multiple times in the series that angels are far stronger than the gods of destruction. Whis is very old and very powerful and he doesn't even need to use any transformations or fusions to defeat anyone. 

6) Goku Goku is most definitely one of the strongest anime characters. Due to the years of training he has undergone, Goku's base form itself is one of the strongest in the anime world. 

5) Saiki Kusuo Saiki can easily defeat the toughest of opponents. Saiki can also time travel and can prevent things from happening before they do.

4) Shigeo Kageyama Mob doesn't like using his full powers, but when he uses them, it is nearly impossible to defeat him. He can defeat anyone and can stop almost every attack when he uses his full powers. 

3) Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Kaguya is the creator of Ninjutsu in 'Naruto'. Her base form is far stronger than anyone's and she can easily defeat six paths chakra Naruto if she so chooses.

2) Anos Voldigoad He is the demon king and is granted powers according to his name. With one slash of his sword, Anos can destroy something regardless of the opponent's power and resilience.

1) Saitama There are only a handful of people who have been able to survive his one punch. Saitama got to this point with sheer training and without any supernatural powers. His strongest form is his base form.

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