Top 10 Anime Femboys Of All Time


10) Pitou Pitou is a chimera ant from 'Hunter X Hunter'. He is a very ruthless and powerful ant, but he seems very cute and non-threatening because of his looks and attire. 

9) Chihiro He is a skilled and frightening programmer. Unfortunately, he was bullied a lot when he was younger and he decided to dress like an attractive girl to get the bullying to stop.

 8) Hideri Hideri is a very happy and jolly little boy. He dreams of being an idol, but since most idols are girls, he chose to dress and act like one to fulfill his dream.

7) Souta Takanashi Souta is the lead character of 'Working'. He works part-time as a waiter in Wagnaria. In addition to working as a waiter, he cross-dresses and wears the waitress' clothing

6) Haku Haku is one of the most loved characters in 'Naruto'. He appears to be a girl due to his clothing and feminine features but is a boy.

5) Felix Argyle Felix Argyle is a side character from 'Re: Zero' and is not only a fem boy but also a cat boy! He is loved by the fans and he is very cute and lovable.

4) Saika Saika from 'Oregairu' is close friends with the protagonist Hachiman. But due to his feminine features and petite stature, he is often mistaken for a girl.

3) Ritsu Sohma He is one of the family members who are cursed with the Zodiac. He grew out his hair and likes to dress in Kimonos.

2) Aoi Hyodou Aoi from 'Kaichou Wa Maid Sama' is a fashionista who likes dressing in female clothing. He is also an internet idol going by the name Aoi-chan.

1)  Nagisa Shiota Nagisa from 'Assassination Classroom' is a very petite yet dangerous boy. He is very beautiful to look at and his small stature makes his classmates tease him.

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