Top 10 Anime Series With Best Animation


10) Yuri! On Ice Yuri On Ice is an anime that follows the main character Yuri, and his coach Victor. Yuri is a figure skater and Victor becomes his coach for the season. The scenes with the figure skaters' performances, were animated beautifully.

9) Your Name Whilst 'Your Name' is not an anime series, but is an anime movie, it still deserves to be on the list of top ten anime with the best animation.

8) Hyouka The series has some very mundane moments where the animation is fine, however, the animation creates such an amazing atmosphere when some dreamt scene or an intense scene is playing. 

7) Beyond The Boundary This anime doesn't have the most amazing storyline in the anime world, but its visuals and animation set it apart.   The scenes where Mirai's powers are used have wonderful animation.

6) Fate Series The Fate series has one of the best animations in the entire anime world, and the animation keeps on getting better with each subsequent part. 

5) Your Lie In April It is a romance anime where the main characters both play an instrument. The musical shows have the most amazing animations and it strikes a chord in the hearts of the viewers. 

4) Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden is an extremely detailed and wonderful anime. The characters are portrayed beautifully and something as mundane as a monologue manages to look pretty with the animation this series has. 

3) Jujutsu Kaisen' 'Jujutsu Kaisen' is an anime that has taken the anime world by storm. It has everything that a shonen anime fan hopes for strong characters, complex plots, and amazing fight sequences.

2) Attack On Titan The anime is animated by two different studios, but both of them have done a stellar job. The titans' transformations, the Ackermans' attacks, and everything have been animated beautifully. 

1)  Demon Slayer In first place on this list, we have 'Demon Slayer'. The fight between Uzui and the moons has been deemed the best-animated fight to date by multiple anime watchers

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