Top 10 Best Film Sequels Of All Time

Top 10 Best Film Sequels Of All Time

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)      This Matt Damon-starrer trilogy focuss on Jason Bourne getting away from the CIA to find his real identity. In this third installment, we get closer to his identity which is a threat to CIA

The Color Of Money (1986)      In this sequel of 'The Hustler', Scorsese pits young Tom Cruise and old, wise Paul Newman in the story of mentorship, ego, youth, and experience in the poll halls.

Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)          In this sequel, Whales resurrect Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. However, his wife is in captive and to save her, he has to reluctantly join hands with Dr. Praetorious to find a female companion to the monster. Will this innovation work?

Kill Bill 2 (2004)      One of the best works of Quentin Tarentino, this film follows the story of a bride who wants to avenge and kill Bill from Deadly Viper Association. She gets trained from Bill's master Pai Mei. It is a great ode to the martial arts genre

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)          George Miller resurrected this Mel Gibson starrer franchise with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. It is two rebels who wants to bring order in a post apocalyptic dysoptian world.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)         This is one of the most visionary sequels. While Peter Parker is on a hiatus, a new evil, Dr. Octopus, looms over the city. It is a story of realization and introspection for both protagonist and antagonist of the repercussions of their powesrs.

Before Sunset (2004)       After nine years meeting in Vienna, fate brings Jesse and Celine together again in Paris. Both are aged emotionally, however unaware of the emotion of instant connect. Again, Jesse has to catch a flight to America. What has fate in store for them?

Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back (1980)      When LucasFilms conceived this sequel, they knew, they were making the most successful film in the franchise and they were right. Fans tout this film as the best in the Skywalker Saga

The Dark Knight (2004)       Christopher Nolan brought aesthetic frames and substance to this Gotham saga. There is a yin-and-yan in the gray zones between the capped crusader and Joker.

Godfather II (1974)         A tough act to follow, the first film brought the American immigration experience and dwindling institutions of family and politics. Banking on the cultural and social capital, Francis Coppola followed the story of Michael Corleone's authority over the family.

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