Top 10 Commercials Aired During Super Bowl 2023


Dunkin' Donuts Unknown to his wife, Jennifer Lopez, Boston's very own Ben Affleck shows up to manage a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through.

The Flash DC unveiled the 'The Flash' trailer, starring Ezra Miller as the crimson speedster. Fans are losing their minds over Michael Keeton's return as Batman.

T-Mobile An attempt to film a structured commercial with Bradley Cooper and his mom turns into a series of wholesome takes

Rakuten Alicia Silverstone once again dons the iconic yellow plaid outfit as she brings back Cher Horowitz

Avocados From Mexico Ana Faris, as Eve, imagines how the world would have been better if the forbidden fruit was avocado.

Booking.Com Melissa McCarthy sings a delightful tune about having easy access to holiday locations worldwide.

Doritos The crunchy triangular snack inspires Jack Harlow to make a career transition that soon takes over the world. Missy Elliott and Elton John also star.

Squarespace Multiple versions of Adam Driver question the pre-existing notions of reality and singularity in this trippy commercial from Squarespace.

Crown Royal Dave Grohl thanks the neighbors Canada for the wonderful things they've brought into this world, of which Crown Royal whiskey is the finest.

Hellman's Peter Davidson makes a sandwich out of John Hamm and Brie Larson, but not without Hellman's mayonnaise for flavor. 

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