Top 10 Creatures From James Cameron's Pandora

1. Tourk 

This apex air born predator has been tamed only five times in the Pandoran universe. In the lore of Na'vi people the rider of this reptile "Tourk Makto" is a great leader and brings peace to the Na'vi civilization.

2. Ikran

Also known as the Mountain Banshee, these four winged creatures bond with their rider for life. The bonding process with Ikran is a coveted rite of passage in the Na'vi culture.

3. Seed

These palm sized airborne creatures come from their sacred tree, Eywa.  According to the 2009 film, they are considered to be very pure spirites.

4. Pa'il

These hexapodal animals are dull grey in colour stripped with blue. Like all the creatures in Pandora, they too have a neural whip through which the connect can take over its motor movements.

5. Palulukan

This is the apex land predator like the lion. James described them as "panther from hell" and are the most feared creatures in Pandora.

6. Angstik

It is a cross between rhinocerous and Hammeerhead shark. They are massive, slow and peaceful creatures. However they have immense strength to push away trees from vegetation to make a way.

7. Nantang

They are nocturnal carnivores that can be vicious in battle but are tender with their children. These shiny black creatures have opposable thumbs that help them create a three dimentional hunting space.

8. Austrapede

This is a cross between pink flamingo and ostrich. It has a long tail that brushes the ground. They are frigid and timid flightless birds. They debuted in the musical Tourk- The First Flight.

9. Turtapede

This is an ugly cross between a platypus, starfish and turtle. Though massive, its dorsal fin and flaps gives it rapid movement under water. When it emerges out of water it sprakles in multihues beneath the transluscent shell.

10. Fan Lizard

It has a two inch long body and has a massive fan attached to its head. When under danger or movement, it opens its fan into a fiery red tornado.

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