Top 10 Creepiest And Scariest Anime Characters


10) Ryuk Physically speaking, Ryuk's appearance is a bit jarring for any fan. He seems a little scary if one looks at him for the first time. He dropped his death note in the human world just because he was bored and wanted to be amused. 

9) The Titans The titans from 'Attack On Titan' are creatures from a nightmare. These titans whilst do not possess intelligence, apart from a few, are extremely creepy and scary to look at

8) Baby Hyakkimaru Hyakkimaru from 'Dororo' is an anime character with one of the saddest backstories. Hyakkimaru was a victim of his father's greed and ambition. Baby Hyakkimaru was born without skin, eyes, or ears.

7) Bengé Bengé is one of the three bodyguards in 'Vampire Hunter D'. Physically, Bengé is quite frightening to look at with his pink beady eyes and elongated body.

6) Mad Pierrot Pierrot was a victim of some lab experiments which left him with a smile that never seems to leave his face. It is very uncomfortable watching Pierrot cause destruction with a big smile on his face.

5) Gotou 'Parasyte The Maxim' is famous for its gore. Gotou has five parasites living inside him. In addition to that, he has a very scary physical appearance due to five different parasites.

4) Mamoru Uchida Appearance-wise, Mamoru is not very pleasant to look at but it is his personality that is truly horrifying. He is obsessed with Mimi, who is the anime's Protagonist and he stalks her obsessively.

3) Yuno Seeming like a sweet and nice girl, Yuno is one of the most twisted characters in anime. She is obsessed with Yukiteru and will kill anyone who hurts him or tries to separate the two of them. 

2) Shou Tucker Shou seems very demure and mild-mannered at the start, but as the series progresses, his true nature is revealed. To advance his scientific experiments, Shou fuses his wife and his daughter with animals to create chimeras. 

1) John Liebert Johan feels no sympathy or remorse towards humans. What makes him worse than being a killer is the fact that he doesn't just kill his victims, he tortures them with their worst nightmares first. 

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