Top 10 Emo Anime Of All Time


10) Your Lie In April 'Your Lie In April' is not a conventionally dark and scary anime as most emo anime go. But it is most definitely one of the saddest anime to date. This makes it one of the top emo anime of all time.

9) Darker Than Black This anime revolves around Hei and chief Misaki. Two gates appeared in the world and changed the system and introduced contractors.

8) Black Bullet 'Black Bullet' is an anime where Gastrea is a parasitic monster that has scared the entire population. Rentaro is our protagonist along with Enju and they fight these monsters.

7) Black Butler 'Black Butler' is one of the most popular anime of all time. It centers around Ciel  and his demonic butler Sebastian. This anime has both scary scenes and  funny scenes.

6) Akame Ga Kill It has an amazing storyline and the turns and twists the plot takes will have the viewer gripping their chair in excitement as well as anticipation.

5) Death Note 'Death Note' is highly popular and loved among both new watchers as well as pro anime watchers.  Light Yagami is a character that one can't help but have a love-hate relationship with.

4) Charlotte This anime revolves around superpowers and how people misuse them. The protagonist believes he has the power to possess someone's body for a minute. However, his true ability is far more dangerous and unique.

3) Another 'Another'  follows the story of Kouichi who transfers to a new school and is shocked to find out that his classmates completely ignore the existence of Mei, who is his other classmate.

2) Tokyo Ghoul 'Tokyo Ghoul' follows the story of Kaneki Ken who gets turned into a half-ghoul. It is both a dark and sad anime .

1)  Neon Genesis Evangelion In this anime large monsters known as Angels attack the city and the only way to defeat them is through an Evangelion which is a large robot that humans pilot. 

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