Top 10 Fairy Tail Ships


10. Mirajane and Laxus Mirajane and Laxus are the couples who probably have the least couple moments in the entire fairy tale anime. But this is what makes those little moments special and meaningful.  Laxus is a little rude and hostile, however, he has never shown that kind of hostility toward Mirajane.

9) Aquarius and Scorpio Aquarius is one of the most beloved characters in fairy tail. She is Lucy’s celestial spirit and she is fierce, loud, and frank. So when she tells Lucy and others that she has a boyfriend, no one can guess who it is. As a result, when she reveals it to be Scorpio, everyone is shocked.

8) Loki and Aries Speaking of two celestial spirits being shipped together, we have Loki and Aries. Loki saved Aries after she was abused by her previous mage. This particular selfless gesture from Loki paired with how gentle he is towards Aries is what made this ship popular. 

7) Happy and Carla Happy is always cheerful and has an optimistic outlook on life. It's this optimism that helps him pursue Carla, Wendy’s cat, despite being turned down by the latter multiple times. Carla and Happy grow closer as the series progresses and she develops an ounce of affection for him when Happy protects her against enemies.

6) Elfman and Evergreen Elfman is Mirajane’s younger brother and he is shipped with Evergreen. They are shipped by the fans as well as the fairy tale characters, especially Freed and Bickslow. They start spending a lot of time together and grow close. Elfman calls her by a nickname, Ever, which she allows people close to her to call her.

5) Levy and Gajeel Levy and Gajeel are the cutest ships in fairy tail. They have that bad-boy-good-girl dynamic. Gajeel was introduced as a villain and despite joining fairy tail, he was still rough and hot-headed. However, he softens when is with Levy. He cares for her in his way and it is so endearing.

4) Gray and Juvia To most fans it seems like it is only Juvia who is obsessed with Gray and that Gray only cares about her as a teammate. That is true in the beginning, but as they start spending time together, Gray grows to like her romantically. 

3) Zeref and Mavis Zeref and Mavis are true examples of star-crossed lovers. Zeref and Mavis met before she founded Fairy tail and they fell in love with each other. Their ship is a tragic one as Zeref and Mavis become enemies in the future and Mavis had to kill Zeref to protect everyone. 

2) Natsu and Lucy Natsu and Lucy are the most popular ship in Fairy Tail and it is perhaps the most unpredictable ship. Natsu is the reason that Lucy joined Fairy Tail and they have been on many adventures together,  but there have been many little romantic moments relating to them. But they are still the most popular ship.

1) Erza and Jellal Erza and Jellal are examples of childhood friends/lovers to enemies to friends with both of them secretly loving each other. Their relationship is extremely complicated and filled with heartache and it is quite realistic.

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