Top 10 Hidden Anime That Are Pure Gems 


10) Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Grimgar is set in a dystopian world and it has one of the best world building. In addition to that, its characters are realistic and have great development throughout the anime. 

9) Twin Star Exorcists This anime follows the story of Rokuro and Benio who are part of a prophecy. According to this prophecy, their child will save the world from Kegare. 

8) Ranma ½ Ranma ½ is one of the old anime. Ranma has a curse in which he turns into a girl anytime cold water is thrown on him and turns back into a boy when warm water is thrown. 

7) Death Parade It may seem fun and light-hearted, but the anime invokes a lot of thought with its progression. It features amazing characters and suspense which makes it one of the perfect anime to watch. 

6) Terror In Resonance The anime is set in an alternate version of Japan. Two boys steal a miniature bomb and then they drop riddles for the police to solve to get the bomb. The story is quite simple but its execution is amazing. 

5) Deadman Wonderland The story follows Ganta who is thrown into a prison where he has to fight and play games . One of the very few anime that was able to tackle the opposing genres of gore and comedy with near perfection.

4) Kekkaishi Kekkaishi is set in a world where a school is built upon a sacred object. Two families, Yukimura and Sumimura protect the place from evil spirits. The anime combines action, comedy, and a little romance amazingly. 

3) Akatsuki No Yona Yona, a princess, is forced to confront the harsh realities of life when she sees the man she loves murder her father. Yona then runs away  to find the dragons that are mentioned in a prophecy. 

2) Special A   Special A is based on a school where there is a special class for the top 7 students in their school. Hikari has always been number 2 and she tries her hardest to defeat Takishima, the number 1 student. 

1) Kimi Ni Todoke This anime is the perfect example of puppy love or innocent love. Kuronuma Sawako was also feared because of her intimidating looks until Kazehaya, the most popular guy in school started talking to her.

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