Top 10 Hottest Anime Guys 

10.  Levi Ackerman  Levi is a character from Attack On Titan. He is a character that has a cold persona and seems rude. The major reasons people like him so much are because of his looks and the fact that he is extremely skillful. Another reason is that he is extremely respected by everyone around whether it is his juniors or his seniors. 

9. Zen Wisteria  Zen Wisteria is the second prince of Clarines. That particular aspect makes him desirable but it is not his status but his looks and personality that got him a spot in the top 10 hottest anime guys. Zen has silver hair and crystal blue eyes, which Shirayuki finds beautiful. 

8. Ayato  All the viewers who have watched Diabolik lovers are well aware that none of the vampires in the series are conventionally good. But that doesn’t stop them from being attractive and hot. Ayato is somewhat the ‘main’ brother in the anime. He is also a predator but in a more hungry way than a sexual way.

7. Sesshomaru  Sesshomaru is a demon in the anime Inuyasha. He is another one of those cold and silent guys. He is also technically considered a villain by the Inuyasha fans, however, that doesn’t stop them from loving Sesshomaru. He is the kind of guy who hates everyone except for that one person, who is Rin. 

6. Kyo Sohma Fruits Basket is an extremely popular romance anime that was originally aired in 2001 and then again in 2019. Kyo Sohma is the male lead of the anime and is a bad boy with anger issues. That statement itself shows why the fans find him so appealing. He doesn’t let anyone touch him except Tohru, the female MC, and that makes him all the more endearing to the fans.

5. Miyamura When Horimiya first came out, the fans went crazy over Miyamura. His design was a little different as he had a lot of piercings and tattoos. Miyamura has long hair and wears piercings in the start, which gives him the perfect bad boy look but cuts his hair and removes the piercings after some time

4.  Gojo Satoru  Anime fans feel differently about guys with white hair. We don't know if the white-haired anime guys are indeed the best or if it's just that they're a hue we're not used to seeing. Gojo stands out right away due to his vivid blue eyes, which contrast sharply with his light skin and hair. 

3.  Zero Kiryu  In addition to being highly devoted, Kiryu is the ideal combination of silent strength. It was always a decision between Zero and Kaname, the pureblooded vampire, for everybody who has watched Vampire Knight. Yuki, the protagonist, had to decide between them and unquestionably erred. Nearly anything, including leaving to ensure her safety, was something Zero would do for her. 

2. Tomoe Tomoe has that perfect silver hair and violet eyes combo that makes every fan swoon over him. He gets tricked into forming a contract with Nanami who he doesn’t like. In the start, he doesn’t do anything except the bare minimum for her, but as the anime progresses, he starts opening up to her and starts liking her

1. Usui Takumi Usui Takumi is every girl’s dream. He is tall rich and dreamy. He also has the perfect combination of blonde hair with forest green eyes. He’s the type of guy who goes after what and who he wants and doesn’t rest until he gets them. Usui is the typical all-rounder who is good at everything, be it sports, studies, or any other aspect.

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