Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

10. Jirachi  Jirachi has the ability to grant wishes. This cute-looking Pokémon is a force to be reckoned with.  Jirachi is considered more of a mythical Pokemon rather than a legendary one.   

9. Xerneas  Xerneas is the perfect example of beautiful yet deadly. This Pokemon may look cute, but it has some deadly abilities.  Xerneas has the power to restore forests and and turn back people who have been turned to stone by Yveltal. 

8. Suicine Suicune  is the personification of the wind. Its purple mane and streamer tailadd to this emobdiment.  Suicine is the one legendary Pokemon to appear in several movies and episodes, giving it the most screen time amongst any legendary

7. Dialga Dialga is the one Pokemon on the list that is totally metal. It wears an armor or suit of metal .Dialga can control time through  the diamond present on its chest.  In battle, Dialga is a formidable foe. Being the only steel;-dragon type gives it a lot of advantages! 

6. Ho-Oh Ho-Oh was the first legedary Pokemon oto have been shown in the anime. Ash saw Ho-Oh flying over the rainbow at the end of the first episode itself.  Despite there being a lot of season of Pokemon, Ho-oh remains a favorite legendary pokemon!.

5. Lugia Lugia is the boss of other three legendary Pokemon! That fact itself puts Lugia in a league of its own. But in addition to that, Lugia even has a song of its own. This shows just how powerful this legendary Poemon is

4.Rayquaza Despite its mean looking appearance , Rayquaza is one of the good guys. This Pokemon maintains the peace between Groudon and Kyogre.  Not only that, Rayqaza saves the planet from extra terrestrial threats as well. That is what makes this Pokemon frightening yet powerful!

3. Giratina In a ranking of the most terrifying Pokemon to ever exist, Giratine wins hands down. This Pokemon is so powerful that despite Arecues banishing it to the distortion world, it still finds a way out to snatch people back to the distortion world.

2. Mewtwo No ranking of the legendary Pokemon is complete without Mewtwo  Mewtwo is the only Pokémon in the series to have been genetically cloned. It was supposed to resemble Mew, but it far surpassed its inspiration and became a terrifying Pokemon. 

1. Arceus This Pokemon desrves the top spot. Arceus created the entrire Pokemon world, namely Time, space and antim-matter. Arceus, like Mewtwo can speak through telepathy.  It is called the ''God Pokemon' for a reason after all!

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