Top 10 Marvel Costumes Perfect For Halloween

The Marvel classic superhero Captain America can be an easy one to dress up as. A one piece jumpsuit with padded muscles for 3D realism would make it perfect. 

The God of Thunder, Thor is a superhero who you can dress up easily as. With a hammer, a wig and a long sleeve tunic-style top the look is complete. 

Trick-o-treating with a Spiderman costume is  a usual scene on Halloween. The Clothing with a blend of blue and red with spider webs is a classic combo.  

The trend for this Halloween should be the Marvel hero She-Hulk. With green paint smeared on and a violet outfit the look goes good for anyone. 

Groot! Never miss this little hero. From infants to adults, Groot gives you a perfect Halloween vibe. 

Long tailed burgundy coat with faux leather and long fitting sleeves, there you get the look of Scarlet Witch. So what's more scarier than a witch on Halloween?

A zip up jumpsuit complimented by an attached shirtfront, an inner belt jacket and a red cape with stand up collar-there you go Dr.Strange. 

Suit Up! With a red and silver costume and a powerful mask, the Iron Man costumes are most loved and common among the Halloween party goers.  

Never forget the villain. When everyone comes  dressed as a superhero, it's your time to shine as the villain. 

Never forget the most admired of Marvel heroes Black Panther. With a black jumpsuit and mask the look is complete. 

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