Top 10 Marvel Fan Castings


Henry Cavill as Benjamin Braddock/Captain Britain Now that he has bid farewell to Superman; it's time for Henry Cavill to play the British counterpart to Captain America in future MCU projects.

Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X Giancarlo Esposito is already keen on taking the mantle for Sir Patrick Stewart, having gone on the record about his desire to play the mighty mutant. 

John Krasinski as Reed Richards/Mr.Fantastic We've already seen him bring the part to life 'Doctor Strange' sequel, cementing our belief in his portrayal of the world's smartest man alive.

Emily Blunt as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman By association with John Krasinski, Emily Blunt would be perfect for playing Sue Storm. And we hope we do, having close to play Black Widow.

Cylian Murphy as Doctor Doom Cylian Murphy has already played Scarecrow for Christopher Nolan. It's not hard imagining him playing the evil genius out to destroy the world.

Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider We enjoyed Nic Cage's version of Ghost Rider, but fans would love to see Keanu Reeves bring his intensity to the part. He has already claimed he would be "honored" to be a part of the MCU.

Matthew McConaughey as Normas Osborn Matthew McConaughey wanted to play the Incredible Hulk nothing came of it. But someone of his prestige could easily play the diabolical Norman Osborn.

Janelle Monáe as Storm Whether the self-assurance or the style factor, Janelle Monáe has got it both going and would be perfect as Storm.

Vin Diesel as The Thing Vin Diesel will bring his physicality and vulnerability around his power, being a curse or a boon. Marvel should sign him for more projects outside of voicing Groot.

 Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine Between 'Swiss Army Man' and the Weird Al biopic, he has proved he does whatever it takes. He certainly looks the part, and a few hours in the gym would complete his Wolverine body.

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