Top 10 moments in Haikyuu!!

10. Hinata’s first spike Hinata showcased his abilities in the first episode itself. Hinata had a match against Kageyama in junior high and although Hinata’s team lost miserably, the viewers got to see Hinata’s skills.

9. Asahi’s delayed spike Asahi times his jump with the blockers. He times his jump and makes sure that the blockers are going down before he spikes the ball. This technique led to Karasuno scoring a much-needed point.

8. King of the court Kageyama regressed to his old rude self. Hinata was the one who managed to get him out of that place. He told Kageyama that there was nothing wrong with being a king and encouraged him. This is one of the most meaningful moments in the entire show. 

7. Oikawa sets to Iwaizumi One of the best moments of the Karasuno V/s Seijoh match was when Oikawa tossed Iwaizumi from one end to the other. Seijoh had a receive that went in a direction where there was no one and Oikawa went to receive it. He tossed the ball immediately to Iwaizumi who scored a point.

6. Nishinoya’s double save Shiratorizawa made a furious attack which left captain Daichi, frozen. He was unable to react to it. Nishinoya  made an amazing save. Shiratorizawa spikes another attack however Nishinoya manages to defend that as well 

5. Hinata’s Receive In a moment where Karasuno was corned, Ojiro Aran, Inarizaki’s ace hits a spike from one of Atsumu’s tosses hoping to get a point. While it was an amazing spike, Hinata expected it and received the spike perfectly shocking his teammates and the onlookers.

4. Hinata breaking the high-speed game During the last set, the game turned fast-paced. Tanaka rebounded his spike due to his being aware of the blockers. Hinata managed to receive the rebound and he shot it high so that the ball comes down slowly and gives time for the time to regain their breath. This helped Karasuno win against Inarizaki.

3. Karasuno V/S Seijoh final point Although both teams exhibit high levels of expertise, only one team is declared the winner. Excellent collaboration and tenacity are displayed by Karasuno, who defeats Aoba Johsai with a searing flame. Tanaka saves the ball as it moves through the hands of the two opponents, and Asahi scores the final blasting point for Karasuno.

2. Kageyama and Hinata block the Miya Twins The Miya twins used their quick attack to try and score a breakpoint. Kageyama and Hinata however,  anticipated the attack and blocked it. This resulted in them scoring the final point needed for Karasuno to win.

1. Tsukishima blocks Ushijima He made a very elaborate plan to block Ushijima and he only managed to do it once, but it made the fans go crazy. The reason is that they can see Tsukishima breaking his cool and collected persona to scream after that one point. Even after the new season comes, this remains the top moment in Haikyuu!!

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