Top 10 Most Hated Anime Couples


10) Irie And Kotoko This couple is hated because Irie publicly humiliated Kotoko on multiple occasions, the first of which was when she confessed to him. In addition to that, even after getting together, Irie still treated Kotoko very coldly.

9) Zero Two And Hiro This particular couple has fans who both hate them and love them. Fans love this couple for the childhood lovers sequence but they also hate them due to Zero Two's extremely controlling nature and the way she treats Hiro. 

8) Shigure And Akito Fans hate this couple due to the number of mind games they play and how much they retaliate against one another. Akito herself is the most hated character in the anime and her tendency to bully others is not liked by the fans.

7) Goku And Chi-Chi Chi-Chi continues to yell at Goku for the smallest things and Goku makes decisions with no regard for Chi-Chi or her feelings. This couple is highly dysfunctional and the viewers are not big fans of them. .

6) Ash And Serena This is not a canon couple, but fans hate it a lot. According to 'Pokemon' fans, Serena is clingy and annoying and is not a good match for Ash. This makes them one of the most hated anime couples.

5) Light And Misa Light used Misa for his plans and let her for once he realized that he had no use for her and that she was a threat. Misa loved Light obsessively and was willing to die for him. This is a very toxic couple and is hated by the fans. 

4) Kyoya And Erika Their relationship started as a fake thing for Erika to fool everyone into thinking that she had a boyfriend. Erika then fell in love with him, and Kyoya still treated her very badly. 

3)  Yuno And Yukiteru 'Mirai Nikki' is one of the most hated anime and Yuno is the reason why. Yuno is a yandere and she loves Yukiteru to the extent that she's killed for his sake multiple times. Yukiteru knows about all this and still chooses to stay with her.

2) Sasuke And Sakura Fans are confused as to why Sasuke would end up with her when he tries killing her on multiple occasions. Sakura is hated by the fans for how she treated Naruto and fans believe that Sasuke deserves someone better than Sakura. 

1)  Inoue and Ichigo Fans find Orihime annoying and useless in battle. They believe that all she does is say Ichigo's name and is otherwise not helpful. Many fans believe that Ichigo should have ended up with Rukia because they have better chemistry. 

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