Top 10 Most Popular Ships In Anime

10) Edward And Winry  This ship proves that no matter how introverted, or reclusive a person is, they still need love. Edward is a very reclusive character and Winry knows him better than anyone.

9.  Inuyasha And Kagome This is a ship where the tension and bond between the characters were built up from the start but they were either too oblivious to their feelings or too stubborn to admit them. The fans were waiting for that day when Inuyasha and Kagome would get together officially 

8.  Haruhi And Tamaki   Haruhi goes to a school where rich kids surround her.  Tamaki notices her despite her being in a tomboyish disguise Tamaki learns that Haruhi is a girl and grows incredibly protective of Haruhi. Their relationship turns romantic from that point.

7. Zero Two And Hiro Fans were quite disappointed with the turn of events that took place in the Darling in the Franxx anime.  Those two are very popular in the anime world. Zero Two’s boldness in pursuing her love interest is commendable and it is nice to see a bold female character for once.

6. Taiga And Ryuuji This couple is both adorable and a little hot. Taiga is a complete tsundere and one of the most popular ones in the anime world. She is very short and Ryuuji is quite tall. This creates a cliché with a short girl and a tall guy, making them worthy of being in the top 10 most popular ships in anime.

5. Misaki And Usui Together, Misaki and Usui make for an odd and entertaining duo. She initially despises men because her father leaves and leaves the family in debt, so Usui sort of "calms" her down. Given that Maid Sama is a Shoujo anime, they are well-known couples in the anime and romance communities.

4. Ichigo And Orihime Ichigo and Orihime were one of those couples that were destined to be together from the start Ichigo and Orihime end up getting married in the manga and have a child named Kazui. Ichigo and Orihime’s bond got extremely strong during the battle with Ywach and it kept on getting stronger.

3. Eren And Mikasa Eren and Mikasa have a very unique and complicated relationship.  It was not until the end of the manga that it became clear that Eren greatly loved Mikasa and did not want her to move on after his death. Their relationship blossomed in hardship and unfortunately met its tragic end in hardship as well.

2. Lucy And Natsu  Natsu and Lucy are among the Fairy Tail members with the closest ties because Natsu introduced Lucy to the group. They have formed a team and a partnership that travels on missions together as a result of their partnership with Happy. Despite the couple's popularity among fans, their sweet wedding moment never happened.

1. Naruto And Hinata  Fans love this ship because it shows unrequited love and how perseverance can pay off. Hinata was in love with Naruto ever since she was a child and it was not until she was nineteen years old that Naruto returned her feelings. This ship personifies the phrase- 'I did not know the one I needed was right in front of me this whole time.'

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