Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Abilities


10) 100 Type Guanyin Bodhisattva This ability belongs to Netero in 'Hunter X Hunter'. The ninety-nine hands themselves are enough to defeat any opponent, but the trump card is the hand zero. It is a bomb that detonates when Netero stops his heart.

9) Izanami Sharingan has some abilities that are so powerful that they are labeled illegal or unethical. Izanami is one such ability. Once used, Izanami causes the opponent to get stuck in an endless loop and as a result, their psyche gets destroyed. 

8) Saiki Kusuo   Saiki Kusuo is a character that is powerful beyond measure but doesn't use his powers. Saiki is the strongest psychic and can use multiple abilities, such as mind reading, teleportation, and more. 

7) Yhwach's ability Yhwach has an ability called almighty. With the help of this ability, he can not only see the future but can eliminate any and all futures that are undesirable to him. 

6) Gura Gura No Mi Gura Gura No Mi is a devil fruit from 'One Piece'. This ability belongs to Whitebeard. By using this ability, this one pirate was able to bring the world's military to its knees.

5) Limitless Gojo possesses both the limitless and the six-eyes. Gojo's limitless allows him to block anyone from touching him by using something akin to an invisible force field. He can control what can and cannot touch him. 

4) Hakai Hakai is an ability that belongs to the gods of destruction in 'Dragon Ball'. By using this ability the god of destruction can destroy anything and everything including people, planets, and more.

3) Ultra Instinct In this state, the user metaphorically gets separated from his body and his body reacts independently from his brain. This increases his reaction time by a very large margin and his defense becomes almost impenetrable.

2) Death Note The death note is the one ability where the user does not need to train to perfect it. The death note is a notebook where one can simply write someone's name while imagining their face and they will die. 

1)  Zeno's ability Zeno is the most powerful character in the entire 'Dragon Ball' universe. He is the supreme god of all the universes and there is no one stronger than him. Zeno is so powerful that he can not only kill someone but erase them from existence.

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