Top 10 Most Powerful Characters In 'Fairy Tail'

10.  God Serena God Serena was one of the ten wizard saints and then he joined the Alvarez Empire as part of the group of elite mages.  He is also very unpredictable due to his  powers. His power comes from the eight dragon lacrimas he has planted, which give him the powers of a dragon slayer.

9. Gildarts Gildarts is the most famous member of the fairy tail guild and was considered the ace of fairy tail. Gildarts lost his left arm and leg during his fight with Acnologia. He put wooden prosthetics in their place. Gildarts is known for his habit of punching hols in the wall instead of using doors in his guild.

8. Irene Belserion Irene is related to Erza Scarlet. Irene is the second strongest character in spriggan 12. She is the creator of dragon slayer magic. She made it possible for dragons to transfer their magic to humans. In addition to being strong, she played an important role in the series’ plot.

7.Igneel Igneel is like a father to Natsu Dragneel.  He is powerful and confident. His powers didn’t get a lot of screen time, but a small instance was enough to make it clear that Igneel is quite strong. His fight with Acnologia showed that he is much stronger than the others who have challenged Acnologia.

6. Larcade Dragneel The third-placed Etherious wizard, after Irene, was a member of the Spriggan 12. Fans learned that Larcade Dragneel was a calm individual who never lost his composure and only got into fights when they were necessary. He was extremely strong and skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, and he also had incredible durability and reflexes.

5. Mavis Vermillion It's not simple to become the Fairy Tail Guild's first master. Mavis is one of many powerful characters in the anime She is known to have the greatest magic of all due to her immortality. Her main strength rests in her diplomatic nature, even though she is well-versed in performance and projection magic.

4.  August August was the true son of Mavis and Zeref. He is the master of copy magic and was referred to as the wizard king. He has mastery of various kinds of magic which makes him a difficult opponent. However, it is not the variety of magic he knows that makes him  He d adopts the appearance of an old man who is wise and has a lot of knowledge.  

3.  Zeref Dragneel Zeref is Natsu’s older brother and a very powerful black mage. He is the most feared mage in all of Fairy tail and his name alone is enough to scare people. He is so strong that he only needs to perform his magic once to defeat someone.  He was also in love with Mavis. And similar to her, he also possesses the curse of killing people.

2. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel is one of the main characters of fairy tail. He uses dragon slayer magic that he learned from Igneel, the fire dragon. He is Zeref’s younger brother and is also the demon known as END. Natsu was also the main fighting force. He knows fire magic which gives him immunity against fire and that proved to be quite useful against Acnologia

1. Acnologia Acnologia, often known as the "Dragon King," is the strongest character in Fairy Tail. Aside from his many skills, his magic is stronger than anybody else's since he can employ Dragon Slayer magic of an unidentified element. He has the power to transform into a dragon at command and enfold anyone in his dimension.

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