Top 10 Most Powerful Families In Anime


10) The Zenin Family The Zenin family from 'Jujutsu Kaisen' have some of the strongest sorcerers. The members of this family are expected to be excellent and anything below excellence is heavily punished by the members of the family. 

9) The Todoroki Family The Todoroki Family from 'My Hero Academia' consist of people who possess some of the most powerful quirks. The members of this family are quite famous not only in MHA but in the entire anime world.

8) Hanma Family The Hanma Family from 'Baki' is not very large, with only three members, but these three are the strongest humans. Yujiro Hanma is the strongest character in the anime and his brother and father are just powerful and feared by everyone.

7) Joestar Family The Joestar family from 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventures' is the strongest in the series. It is the family of Jotaro, who is the protagonist of the show, and consists of him, Jonathan with whom the family started, Jotaro's daughter, Joseph, and his son.

6) Uzumaki Family The Uzumaki family from 'Naruto' is quite famous in the anime. The Uzumaki are famous for their chains and fuinjutsu. Naruto Uzumaki belongs to his clan but didn't learn that jutsu

5) Ackerman The Ackerman family is the strongest in 'Attack On Titan'. Only three members are known, two of which are Mikasa and Levi. These two alone strike such fear in their opponents' hearts that they are as feared as the titans.

4) The Brief Family This particular family is extremely powerful. Vegeta alone has the power to make this family one of the strongest anime families, but with the addition of Trunks, and Bulma, this family is a very high power level.

3) Zoldycks The Zoldyck family from 'Hunter X Hunter' is the strongest family in the anime. The family is filled with assassins. The family is even feared by the Phantom Troupe, the most powerful criminal group in the series.

2) The Sons The Sons, which is Goku's family, is the strongest family in the entire series. Goku is the strongest individual in the anime. But his sons, Gohan and Goten have the potential to surpass him.

1) Uchiha The most powerful characters belong to this family. The two villains, Obito and Madara alone are enough to explain why this family is so formidable, but the other members such as Fugaku and Shisui were also extremely strong.

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