Top 10 Most Powerful Gods In Marvel 

Written By Khevna Shah

Death The Dead is known to be immortal and the most powerful being. She cannot be defeated who has the ability to alter time, reality, and space.

Gaea Gaea is not known to be a fighter but instead, she functions on a much larger, cosmic scale, balancing the life of the entire universe on her shoulders.

 One Above All The One Above All is the equivalent of the Bible's Abraham who created the entire Marvel Multiverse. He is known to be the sole individual to have power over the Living Tribunal.

Surtur He is the fire demon who is the most powerful and evil threat in Norse mythology. He is proved to be powerful many times by nearly destroying Asgard and Midgard.

The Living Tribunal The Living Tribunal is responsible to maintain a balance between the good and evil in the Marvel Multiverse.

Oblivion Oblivion chose a Maelstrom an Inhuman or Deviant hybrid to serve his avatar which can assist them to destroy the universe.

Odin The King of Asgard, Ordin is the god of utmost importance in the realm of Midgard.

Thor As an Asgardian God, Thor has the ability to use lightning, rain, and storm as his weapon, thus making him the God of Thunder.

Hela The Goddess and the ruler of the Dead Spirits is claimed to be powerful and defeated Thor in many battles.

Loki Loki has the ability to turn himself into a giant and resurrected himself in a more dangerous form when killed.

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