Top 10 Most Powerful Transformations In ‘Dragon Ball’


10) Orange Piccolo His new transformation into Orange Piccolo made the fans extremely happy and excited as the Namek warrior once again proved why he is a primary character in the series.\

9) Golden Frieza He is the most consistent villain of the entire series and has had many amazing transformations.  This is the first big power-up Frieza received after he started training seriously after he was humiliated by Future Trunks. 

8) Super Saiyan Blue evolved Vegeta has had one of the most amazing and powerful transformations in the entire series. However, his Super Saiyan Blue evolved holds a special place as Vegeta went through this transformation whilst deciding not to live in Goku's shadow anymore. 

7) Beast Gohan As all Dragon Ball fans are aware, Gohan has amazing potential to become the strongest character in the series.  His transformation into Beast Gohan, however, reminded the fans of his potential and the limits he can cross if he trains dedicatedly.

6) Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is a big example of a Saiyan that was an antagonist but is still loved by fans. His transformation into the Legendary Super Saiyan has proven to the fans that Goku and Vegeta aren't the only Saiyans who can give the viewers a thrilling fight to watch. 

5) Ultra Instinct Sign Goku has proven again and again why is the main character of the show. Whis trained Goku to unlock a power only the gods possess, the ultra instinct. Goku was unable to unlock his full potential on his first try, but even the incomplete versions gave him a power boost beyond imagination. 

4) Power of Destruction Vegeta has been trying to surpass Goku for a very long time and has had little success in it. His power of destruction is the result of his efforts and training. This form is different from Ultra Instinct but is also a god of destruction's power.

3) Super Full Power Jiren is one of the strongest opponents that Goku has ever faced. He is extremely powerful on his own, but add to that a mind-blowing transformation, and he becomes nearly impossible to defeat.

2) Black Frieza This is the second transformation of Frieza that has been mentioned on this list which proves just how powerful this transformation is. His Golden form was powerful but wasn't enough to battle the Saiyans effectively. He then trained and unlocked a new form, Frieza Black.

1) Mastered Ultra Instinct The mastered ultra instinct is something that even the gods of destruction haven't fully mastered yet Goku was able to. This particular power gave him such a big upper hand in the fight against Jiren, that Goku seemed invincible.

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