Top 10 most powerful villains in 'Dragon Ball'


10) Cell Max The red ribbon army resurrected this monstrous version and Gohan and Piccolo fought him. Gohan had to tap into his power and had to tap into a hidden new form to be able to defeat him. 

9) Majin Buu Majin Buu was created by Bibidi and was resurrected by his son. Upon resurrection, he began wreaking havoc all over Earth and gave a lot of trouble to the protectors. He even managed to kill SSJ2 Vegeta and force Goku to turn SSJ3 for the first time. 

8) Goku Black Goku Black and Zamasu are the same people, but the one from the present managed to snatch Goku's body. Because of this, this particular villain had the power of both Goku and Kai.

7) Broly Broly is one of the few Saiyans to be able to turn into a Legendary Super Saiyan. His biggest asset is his strength and temper, what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in sheer power. 

6) Janemba Janemba is one of the strongest villains in the series. Goku and Vegeta managed to subdue the first form, but his second form proved to be too much for the two to handle. 

5) Fused Zamasu Fused Zamasu was strong beyond measure. He managed to wreak havoc and destroy a planet. To defeat him, Beerus has to intervene and that is a testament to his strength. 

4) Frieza Frieza is the most recurring antagonist in the series and for good reason. He is extremely strong and has multiple forms. These forms are extremely strong and that makes him quite formidable.

3) Vegeta Whilst he is not currently an antagonist, Vegeta used to be one. With his Ultra Ego ability, Vegeta is quite possibly the strongest mortal on Earth, his only completion being MUI Goku. 

2) Jiren Jiren managed to overwhelm ultra instinct Goku and forced him to tap into the MUI form. He also had better resistance than Goku and if it wasn't for Frieza and Android 17, universe 7 would have lost the tournament. 

1) Beerus Beerus is the god of destruction for universe 7 and is quite possibly one the strongest god of destruction. The true extent of his power has not been shown, but if his ability to use Hakai is anything to go by, universe 7 is lucky that Beerus turned into a friend. 

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