Top 10 Movies With Unexpected And Twisted Endings

Arushi Rai 

'The Sixth Sense' tells us the story of a little boy named Cole who is able to communicate with dead people. Malcolm Crowe is a child psychologist who tries to help him.

'Lucky Number Slevin' follows the story of a very unlucky guy name Slevin. His whole life is in topsy turvy as he loses his job, house, his girlfriend and all of this happens on the same day. He then goes to New York to visit one of his friends but finds out that he is missing. The friend is indebted to some dangerous people who misunderstand Slevin with his friend.

In 'Shatter Island', we follow US Marchall Teddy Daniels and his partner. The duo travel to Ashcliff hospital for a special investigation. However, soon they realize that its not just a normal hospital.

''The life of David Gale' follows the story of a man named David Gale. He is a college professor and a social activist against the death penalty. Gale gets sentenced to death for murder. However, he agrees to tell his life story to Bitsey Bloom.

'Saw' is one of the most interesting horror films. The story follows a criminal genius called Jigsaw. He is an evil man who tortures and kills people but in his own style. He plays a kind of game with them also proving them a chance to survive.

'Avengers Infinity War' follows the Avenger on the quest of finding the infinity stones before the supervillain Thanos gets them and becomes indestructible. However, things don't go as planned.

'Seven' is a 1995 detective thriller movie that follows  detective William and his partner David. They take up a case of serial killers whose murders are based on the seven deadly sins.

''The Prestige' follows  the rivalry of two stage magicians named Robert Angier and Alfred Borden. It soon turns into war as they agree to go to any lengths to defeat each other. 

'The Fight Club' follows an officer who leads a very mundane life and thus forms a fight club with a guy named Tyler Durden.

'Primal Fear' is both a crime drama and a mystery thriller. The plot revolves around an altar boy who is accused of the murder of an Archbishop. A lawyer from Chicago takes up the case in order to prove the boy innocent.

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