Top 10 Pet Costumes For Halloween.

1. Hary Potter's Fluffy Make your already brave and magical dog look groovier with the Harry potter specs look.

2. Madagascar Penguins Is your pet notorious and pulls off menace cutely enough. Then try the Madagascar Penguin look on them. 

3. Bumble Bee What will never fail to meet the Halloween requirements for your quadraped family member is the classsic Bumble Bee.

4. Ghost Dog Easy, simple and cute is what the coming back trend of the Ghost Dog costume.

5. Lion Cat Cat didn't evolve to the lion doesn't mean that it isn't similarly ferocious and royal.

6. Pirate Hamster Make a funny oxymoron statement of cute and rebellious outfit with your hamster.

7. Witch Cat Pair your myterious cat with a buckle hat and voila!

8. Pumpkin Look Make your pet adorably stout with the orange pumpkin.

9. Panda Dog Numerous times we have mistken a dog for a baby panda with the fuzzy outfit.

10. Sunflower Cat Cats are often mistaken as grumpy and aloof. Make them the sunshine of this Halloween.

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