Top 10 Sexiest Anime Girls

10. Yoruichi It is not often that we see dark-skinned sexy female characters. Yoruichi is not only sexy she is also lethal and extremely fast. A perfect match is you ask!

9. Rangiku Rangiku is one of those characters who are well aware they are sexy and they aren't afraid to show it. We all love a confident woman!

8. Tsunade Tsunade was the fifth hokage of Konoha and for good reason. In addition to her killer body and amazing confidence she also has great power and healing abilities.

7. Erza Scarlett Erza is aware she has a killer body but does not flaunt it around. But that does not stop the other Fairy Tail characters from noticing her curves!

6. Hinata Hyuuga  Hinata is one of those characters who are unaware of how beautiful they are. The innocence adds to her sexual appeal and her personality is the cherry on top!

5. Mikasa Ackerman It is not Mikasa's body or curves that make her sexy, its her personality, her strength and her unrelenting devotion to Eren!

4. Esdeath  While Akame Ga Kill has its share of attractive women, no one even comes close to Esdeath. Her sexual appeal is in a league of its own!

3. Rias Gremory High school DxD is one of those anime that is known for its fan service. Rias is one character that provides the fans with all the fan service they require!

2.Boa Hancock Boa is one of the most attractive and strongest females in the anime. Oda even said that he drew Boa so pretty that it is hard to draw her now in a way that doesn't disappoint the fans

1. Akeno Another character from High school DxD. Akeno is one of those characters that steal the attention of the main characters. While Rias may be the president of the club, Akeno is the president of the fans hearts!

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