Top 10 Simpsons Halloween costume ideas

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A couple's costume that is low effort yet looks classy. The modern day Halloween spirit

Simple but effective. The makeup keeps the look simple and clean without compromising the character similarity. 

This costume is a crossover between Simpsons and orange is the new black. How would it look if the Simpson family was into crime?

A costume idea fit for the dedicated Simpsons family fans. The mask really brings together the ensemble.  

A low-effort group costume idea. It is perfect for people who like the holiday but dislike putting too much effort.

If the Simpsons were in your fever dream this is probably what they would look like!   A perfect idea for scaring children who come to your door in hopes of candy

The perfect costume for a last-minute Halloween party!  It is simple and can be made in a short period.

The costume for the couple for dresses to impress. Mixing Halloween and fashion together in this look.

The whole family of Simpsons. The perfect costume idea for big family who likes to coordinate costumes.

The googly eyes Simpsons. Another family costume, but this one mixes cute with Halloween!

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