Top 10 Spider Man Villains


Fans have been long debating over which actor-Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland-portrayed the arachnid superhero best. Now lets see the best villains of the franchise.

1. Green Goblin Norman Osborn was the CEO of Oscorp company. He bacame the Green Goblin when was exposed to the "Goblin Formula". He first appeared in 2002 Spider Man and is one of the most pschotic villains of the franchise.

2. Venom In the comics, Eddie Brock's reporting career was ruined by Spider Man. When he combines with the symbiote Venom, he got powers similar to Spider Man and aimed to destroy him. He first seen in 2007 Spider Man 3.

3. Carnage Carnage is the off-spring of the alien villain symbiote- Venom formed in the body of a seriel killer- Cletus Kasady. Carnage can shapeshift, create weapon from his body, and influence the minds of their host. Carnage first appeared in 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' (2021).

4. Lizard Dr. Curtis Connors injected himself with a serum derived from lizard that turned him into the gigantic cold blooded villain. The serum provided him with regenerative powers, great strength and agility. Lizard first appeared on screen in the 2012 The Amazing Spider Man film.

5. Sandman Flint Marko was a minor criminal when he combines with sand and becomes the Marvel villain Sandman. He can shapeshift, create and sand storms. He was screened in 2007 'Spider Man 3'.

6. Mysterio Quentin Beck uses his extensive knowledge and skills in chemistry and robotics to manupilate and fight Spider Man. He was first seen in 2021 'Spider Man: No Way Home'. Quentin was  an angered employee of Stark Industries, trying to get hold of E.D.I.T.H. , Tony's AI programme.

7. Dr Octopus After an accident with his metallic limbs, Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius goes insane and becomes one of the archenemies of Spider Man. Dr Octopus has telepathic control over his limbs. He first appeared in 2004 'Spider Man 2'.

8. Vulture Adrian Toomes created mechanical wings that gave him superhuman strenght and the ability to fly. In 'Spider Man: Homecoming' (2017), he tried to steal Stark tech but was defeated by Spider Man. He survived and was convicted.

9. Electro In 2014's The Amazing Spider Man 2, Maxwell Dillon was an employee in Oscorp but in an accident he fell into a tank full of experimental eels. He contracted the ability to conduct electricity from him and even control it.

10. Morbius Michael Morbius is the Living Vampire. He was a brilliant biochemist who mutated into a vampire. He has super speed and strength and is sensitive to light much like the mythical vampire. 

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