Top 10 Thanksgiving Traditions

One of the most popular Thanksgiving traditions has to be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on the televison. The annual show is the second oldest parade in America and started in 1924. Snuggle up warm on your sofa with your family to do this age old tradition.

1. Watch the Parade

When you imagine a Thanksgiving day, one immediately images a large plate set on the table with a fat, succulent turkey above it. Turkey can be the informal symbol for Thanksgiving as the big family comes together to share the tasty spread over the table.

2. A Big Turkey Meal

You can make your Thanksgiving more festive by playing football with your family and friends. Recreate the competitive spirit of Monica and Ross from friends to make your Thanksgiving more fun and memorable.

3. Throw Ball

If sports is not you cup of tea, then you can always make one to go with your favourite Thanksgiving movie. Make a movie marathon list with popular classics like Sweet November, Friendsgiving, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

4. Do A Movie Marathon

Another television related tradion, watching a football match with your family. Share the spirit of holidays with your family by spending time with you family cheering and booing over a game. Simple, easy yet creating fond memories.

5. Watch A Game

As the name of the holiday suggests, you can be thankful for all your happy memories and people around. While sitting around the table eating your fabulous dinner you can can grease the conversation by sharing with your family and friends what all you are grateful for.

6. Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is not only about being grateful for what you have but also giving to those who don't. You can always sign up to dedicate hours to a soup kitchen, donate to orphanage or old age home. Life doesn't become complete only by having it all but by sharing too

7. Do Volunteer Work

Grab a sibling or friend to see who Lady Luck prefers and share a wishbone. The tradition follows that both will pull each stick of the bone towards themselves. when the bone breaks whosoever has had more bone in their share will have their wish come true!

8. Break The Wishbone

We all know Thanksgiving dinners tend to a little heavy for your stomach. So try to give your body some rest by taking a stroll with a loved one or even alone with your thoughts. Fresh air and a light excercise might put you in a good holiday mood.

9. Take A Walk

Like Charles Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, remind you family of the roots of Thanksgiving. Get to know all about its origin of the orignal English festival that started out as being thankful for a bountiful harvest. And perhaps say gobble-gobble once.

10. Remember Turkey Day

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