Yash Singh

Top 10 tv sERIES of 2022

SEVERANCE - This sci-fi show came out of nowhere and blew everyone's mind with its high-concept plot.

DAHMER - MONSTER cemented our obsession with true crime. This time, it was serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON started out slow, but picked up real fast and became one of the best TV experiences of 2022.

The second season of THE WHITE LOTUS proved to be even better than the first one.

THE BEAR is a show that's least talked about for some reason. But you can't afford to miss it.

The final season of ATLANTA dropped in 2022 and concluded Earnest Mark's story.

Amanda Seyfried beautifully portrays disgraced mogul Elizabeth Holmes in THE DROPOUT.

THE BOYS' third season took the stakes to a next level and the result was an adrenalin fueled show.

The fourth season of Netflix's 'STRANGER THINGS delivered one of the most exciting experience of 2022.

The final season of BETTER CALL SAUL beautifully concludes the Breaking Bad saga.

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