Top 10 Underrated Shinobi In 'Naruto'


10) Kurenai Kurenai is known by 'Naruto' fans for her failure in catching Itachi in a genjutsu. The only reason she was unable to trap Itachi was that he was a prodigy and because he had the Sharingan.

9) Anko Anko was a test subject for Orochimaru and his former pupil.  Anko is an amazing Shinobi and due to her being Orochimaru's test subject has some very cool powers.

8) Shizune Shizune is a very skilled healer and has learned many other jutsu. She also helped Sakura with her medical Ninjutsu and is very skilled.

7) Yamanaka Ino Fans consider her a blonde Sakura and her talents are many times ignored. However, Ino has the talent passed through the Yamanaka clan which are mind-related techniques. 

6) Darui Darui used to be the right-hand man of the fourth Raikage . He grew to be very strong and became the fifth Raikage. He can simultaneously use his water and lightning techniques which are very useful in battle. 

5) Hanabi Hyuga Hanabi is the younger sister of Hinata and the current heiress of the Hyuga clan. She is also quite fierce as opposed to her sister which made for a desirable quality for an heiress. 

4) Choji Choji is teammates with Ino and Shikamaru and is unfortunately considered a fat person who eats a lot. He risked his life many times and is a loyal and trustworthy friend.

3) Ibiki He was the examiner of the written test in the chunin exams. He has great knowledge of the human psyche and as a result, was chosen as the head of the interrogation and torture force in Konoha. 

2) Hiruzen Sarutobi Hiruzen Sarutobi was a student of the second Hokage and is very strong. Hiruzen has great knowledge and wisdom that came with his age as well as his fighting experience.

1) Iruka Iruka is not unpopular per se, but he is known only for being a father figure to Naruto. He not only helped Naruto, but he also helped many others to get on the right path and guided them wonderfully. 

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