Top 10 Weakest Characters In ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Tournament Of Power 


10) Krillin Krillin is the weakest fighter for Universe 7. He was eliminated by Universe 6's frost while he was busy gloating. He was the weak link for his universe's team and didn't help them all that much. 

9) Ryliebu Rylibeu was not only the first fighter from universe 10 to get eliminated, but he was the first to get eliminated overall. Ryliebu has wings which means she can use flight to her aid during battle, however, that escaped her mind when she was falling and could have saved herself. 

8) Comfrey Comfrey was the weakest link of the already weaker universe 9. Whilst universe 9 was already weak, Comfrey was the first to get eliminated from the universe. This is why he is the weakest link in his universe. 

7) Nink Nink is a fighter from universe 4 and while he is one of the weakest fighters, he is remembered by the viewers. This is because he tried dragging Goku off the edge with him but ultimately failed. As a result, he only eliminated himself. 

6) Nigrissi Nigrissi is from universe 3 and while it is unclear as to who eliminated him or how he got eliminated, he was shown to be flying off the arena very early on in the battle. As a result, he is one of the weakest fighters. 

5) Vewon Vewon belongs to one of the strongest universes in the tournament, universe 7. Whilst his team members are remarkable and extremely strong, Vewon, unfortunately, doesn't belong in the same category.

4) Bikal Bikal is a fighter from universe 2 and his elimination was noteworthy. While the other participants fell and were transported to the audience stands, Bikal was kicked to the audience stands by Android 17.  

3) Botamo Whilst Botamo was not necessarily weak, he was eliminated pretty quickly. Botamo's main power was to absorb attacks by his super strong stomach and this proved to be his downfall. Gohan hit him very hard and fast and lifted him off the ground to throw him off the arena. 

2) Za Priccio He is one of the fighters for universe 3. He fought master Roshi and was almost defeated. He was finished off by Tien Shinhan and was knocked off the arena. He didn't get to show his abilities and this makes him one of the weakest fighters. 

1)  Dium Dium is a fighter for Universe 10. He fought the universe 7's fighters and was defeated easily. He was finished off by Master Roshi's Kamehameha which knocked him out of the ring. This is why he is the weakest fighter in the tournament. 

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