Top 10 Worthless Powers In Anime


10) Navel Laser This ability is used by Aoyama from My Hero Academia and is pretty useless. This quirk is more dangerous for him than his opponents as it causes severe stomach ache if used for more than a second. 

9) Jiggle Butt The jiggle butt gang in Fairy Tail is a group of three people. Their superpower is that they have extremely large butts and they can form a triangle and charge their butts to create an explosion. It is every bit as gross as it sounds. 

8) Thermal Hand This ability allows Uiharu to control the temperature of objects. However, this has a great limitation as she cannot control the temperature of objects bigger than a basketball and she cannot control anything too hot or too cold. 

7) Breast Flow As the name suggests, this ability allows Chifusa to control the size of any woman's breast, and even her own. This is a very useless ability and doesn't help in combat

6) Ox-Ox Devil Fruit This devil fruit gave Kaku the ability to turn into a giraffe. However, he was able to turn it in his favor as the long limbs of a giraffe allowed him to become a better swordsman. 

5) Make People Love Glasses Ai Mori can make her opponents love glasses. This ability is very useless in itself, but its condition makes it even more useless. For Mori to activate the ability, her opponent has to do a cute pose first. 

4) Horm-Horm Fruit This is another devil fruit that gives bizarre powers. This fruit allows the user to inject hormones into another person using their fingers as an injection.

3) Shooting Bees This particular ability allows Ushiwaka to shoot bees at people. Whilst this ability may prove to be useful if used properly, it is still a very bad ability.

2) Temptation Minimum This ability is used by Hasuda. He can create seductive sweat to tempt any man and the person tempted will do his bidding. 

1)  Dark And Dark This ability allows Jurai Ando to create flames that are dark in color and lukewarm. This entails that they cannot do much damage and are fundamentally useless. 

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