Top 5 Soccer Movies

Bend It Like Beckham When 'Bend it Like Beckham' was first released in the United States, not everyone was aware of what the comedy was about. It involves two main girls in the movie, with one dream of becoming a professional soccer player. The only problem is that she is part of a Sikh family, so she has never been able to play a sport like this. With love for David Beckham, which is why the film is named what it is, Jess never gives up. She eventually secretly joins a team and begins to live a different type of life, playing soccer in a way she never thought possible.

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006) The movie is a perfect choice for football players who want a real-life story. Here, an ex-Madrid football player (Zidane) accepts a Liga clash against Villarreal in 2005. The match was between Real Madrid and Villarreal during Spain’s La Liga Clash. Being violent and inappropriate during the match, Zidane faced humiliation. Zidane got a suspension from the World Cup final match.

The Goal: Trilogy (2005) 'The Goal' is a football film series that consists of three films. The three films that are a part of this series are Goal (goal 1), Living the dream (goal 2), and Taking on the world (goal 3). 'The Goal: The trilogy' depicts the story of a Mexican immigrant (Santiago Munez). Santiago was a gardener by profession, but he always dreamt of showing his talents on the pitch. Santiago tried his utmost to get that opportunity during his career.

She’s The Man (2006) The movie is all about a girl who feels that her football team is no more. Due to such apprehensions, the girl decides to join the boy’s football team and live on her terms. The girl faced rejection from the team coach. As a result, she decided to dress up like her brother (Sebastian). As soon as she takes up his brother’s get up, there arises a more complicated situation. What happens next is full of suspense.

Gracie (2007) The movie is all about a young girl (Gracie Bowen). Gracie was fond of playing football. Her father was a soccer star, and her three brothers also loved football.  Since Gracie was the only daughter of her father, she wanted to become like her father and brothers. But she could not fulfill her dreams as the old customs and traditions didn’t allow her. Gracie wanted to remove that gender discrimination once and for all.

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