Top 5 Animal Movies That Are Family-Friendly

Lady And The Tramp This is such a classic movie, one must watch and re-watch any time they need. In this lovable story, Tramp comes across the beautiful cocker spaniel whose home life is turned upside down. It’s up to the canine to get his new companion back where she belongs.

Ratatouille In this Disney film, a young chef named Linguini elicits the help of a rat named Emy, who just so happens to be a culinary wiz. Things are certainly going to heat up in the kitchen when these two form an unlikely friendship.

Ice Age Just go and watch this crew while they battle the Palaeolithic ice age. This film centres around three main characters- Manny, a mammoth; Sid, a ground sloth, and Diego, a sabre-toothed cat. These animals come across a human baby and work together to return it to its tribe. It’s heart-warming, childish, brilliant and visually pleasing.

Kung Fu Panda Po, the panda has the chance to turn his life over, when he is bestowed with the duty of protecting the dragon scroll. He had to protect his people who are threatened by an evil snow leopard with the help of his kung fu comrades. His dream of becoming a kung fu master, might actually come to fruition. This animated film is inspiring, funny and heart-warming!

Happy Feet  Penguins in this movie try to win one another through song. However, poor Muble can’t carry a tune. How exactly is he going to attract his person, well our hero is quick on his feet. You’ll be pretty surprised at his killer dance moves.

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