Top 5 Bradley Cooper Movies

1. Hangover 2 This comic drama is beloved favorite of Hollywood. A bachelor party went as bad as it could and now the bridegroom and his men roam arond the streets of Bangkok to find his bride's lost brother.

2. American Hustle This drama focuses on the surviving hustle of two con man- Irving and Stanley. The skills of the men are used as puppets by a  wild FBI agent to take down the gambling racket of Camden's Mayor.

3. Nightmare Alley Stan Carlisle wins a golden tickect to the elite class of the 1940s as he makes friends with a clairvoyant and her husband. But as Stan works to bulid up his psyche act for the carnival, he fall into a trap of dirty secrets and scandles.

4. A Star Is Born Jackson a struggling artist falls in love with Alley a performer. He persuades Alley to overcome her insecurities and start chasing her dreams. Jackson gets his break but his relationship starts crumbling while he fights alcoholism and his inner demons.

5. Guardians Of The Galaxy Bradley entered the Marvel Universe in the voice of Rocket in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Five losers of the galaxy group together to stop Ronan from getting his hands on the Power Stone, one of the Infinty Stones, and stop him from destroying Xandar.

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